61 ideas para inspirarte en la creación de tu menú para tus desarrollos web CSS , JavaScript o Flash.

61 Unusual Navigation Menus In CSS, Flash And JavaScript

CSS – Based Navigation Menu

1. Loodo.com
Casino-like game or snakes and ladders with the touch of colorful menu.

2. Change.org
The calmness of the choice of color with the emboss feeling of the menu to reveal the submenus is a great choice for its advocacy change.

3. Acko.net
Steven Wittens gives us another perspective or view of this menu.

4. UXBooth.com
UX Booth uses stylish yet simple menu.

5. MacRabbit.com
MacRabbit uses a mac os or apple concept to its design.

6. Joyent.com
Joyent uses simple, business looking menu that offers their works.

7. Nopoko Graphics
Elegance and simplicity of this portfolio gives you.

8.  Icon Designer.com
Large images-based menu that will attract and will draw users attention. Not the usual menu that you see.

9. Designsensory.com
Drop down navigation that uses two colors that presents the active link to the passive one.

10. Smallstone.com
Small Stone recordings, a U.S. record label, uses a radio-like or  that so-called a the so-called Space Echo Roland SE-201 menu.

11. TNVacation
Feel of country or map-like that will let you travel to the whole website.

12. Clever Twist
Rounded, apple application-like menu that offers application for your iPhones.

13. Clear Left
Clearleft uses a calendar concept that makes a what-to-do stuff on a particular day feel.

14. Tulumarka
Pressed looking  to see the selected menu.

Menu pressed reveals a submenu. Dark yet simple feel.
Nice hover effects  with this simple and clean menu.
The size of the letters are so cute and  not usual but that’s what will caught your attention.
A good way to use a block navigation that shows an effective  hover effects.
Leaf like plus the cool green color that suits into your eyes. From green to black that gives you on what menu you are.
One of the best concept is to use a floor plan to navigate your users to the entire website is what Ronny Pries did.
Fruit bearing tree is one of the creative way to use a navigation menu.  It is like your harvesting a fruit and lead you to the taste or the content of the website.
Brush strokes with the interchange of the colors over choosing a menu is what  Matt Dempsey did.
Presents a pressed and clear view of the navigation.
24. District Solutions
Vertical tab that looks like a folder that really works on this website.  Rarely use but really great to work with.
Sloping Navigation that creates a creativity and a punk style looking menu that Jeff Sarmiento used.
It is like a hierarchy of menu up to its roots.  One of a kind navigation that added to the creativity of the website.
27. DFW
Icons gives emphasis on the interaction to the menu.

Flash based Navigation Menu

28. Iipvapi

Photo clipping navigation menu with touch of hover color effects used in a Photo Clipping path services.

29. Moodstream | Getty Image

It is designed to squeeze your creative juices by tweaking the mood sliders navigation.
30. Not Forgotten – The Movie

Devilish, freaky and rise to the dead theme of the navigations presented into  tarot-like cards.  The card will be put in fire if you clicked on it.


The fluid navigation menu that brings you to the motion of a lake.

32. Nick Jones

Nick Jones uses a simple yet dynamic navigation for his portfolio. It’s like pulling things up and down.

33. Marc Ecko

Marc Ecko presents an art gallery navigation that lets visitors to  tour for  art and philosophy.

34. HBO

HBO , a tv-movie network, creates an interactive selection of movies for its navigation.

35. Got Milk?

An interesting navigation in a ribbon with a simple hover effect. When an icon hovered, the content menu is presented.

36. AgencyNet

Stunning and amazing navigation design studio based in New York City, NY and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

37. 2Advanced Studios

Stylish neo ancient navigation design with a background mural that leads us to another world.

38. NickAD

Nick Ad uses a flexible but easy to use navigation. The stars that changes to a navigation when it clicks anywhere in the page.

39. Dave Werner

A creative person uses his own works to lead the users on his portfolio.

40. Section Seven Inc.
Section Seven has a colorful pamphlet like navigation with a sub menu written on it.

41. Cathy Beck

A navigation that open and close like a scroll when choosing a menu.

42. Beside

Beside uses a rainbow navigation that puts your colorful fantasies.

43. Christian Sparrow

A cardboard concept of its portfolio. The navigation hovers a pencil-like drawing.

44. Enila.fr

Small squares that put together that acts as the navigation and collaboration of works.

45. Havaianas

A colorful map that has the touch of the slipper texture that Havaianas proud about.

46. Square Circle

A table filled with stuffs that are related to the menu such as telephone for contact us, magazine for portfolio, newspaper for news and others. Real thing that use for navigation is a great thing.


A great, artistic scenario use for navigation. Every element is a wonderful piece that gives life to the website. Rarely used but magnificent.

JavaScript – Based Navigation Menu

48. Agami Creative

Simple and eye pleasing of this navigation with the touch of  paint colors.

49. Dragon Interactive

It looks like the navigation is made up of Flash but it’s not.  Clean, cool and stylish navigation with a hover effects of colors that made this navigation really pretty.

50. The White House

White House really holds up a lot of information for the public. It is easily manage with this drop down menu to contain all the contents.

51. Eric Johansson

Eric Johansson uses a JavaScript sliding menu to travel on it’s website.

51. Helmy Bern

The navigation layout is in a grunge theme that also has a jQuery drop down effects.

52. Internet Dreams

The creative hover effect is not usual but it gives a distinguish look over what menu users choose in.

53. Panic -Coda

Familiar and popular icons were used to navigate users easily.

54. TapTapTap

Restaurant menu-like navigation is really great. I really love this navigation because of its simplicity yet creative design.

55. Kobe

This navigation uses a scroll to and scroll in plugin to create  an interesting transitions.

56. BlogHelpr

Floater design to use for navigation. It is the creative way to save the person in swimming into the website.

57. EyeDraw

EyeDraw uses an expanding images whenever you hover the mouse over the menu.

58. Andreas Hinkel

Andreas Hinkel uses Polaroid navigation for the animation effect.

59. Museu Gulbenkian

The drag dock  navigation in the bottom is a great way to reveal and hide the menu and submenus.

60. Sapphire Sound

The thumbnail used as a menu that has caption effect, custom scroll bar, and you also can see the fading, sliding animation.

61. Design Slicing

Transition effects is what  I really like on this navigation. The menu are set of questions that when hover are given answers.

These are few navigation menu design that you can work out on your website but be sure that you don’t want to get lost in the design and interactivity aspect of your navigation. Let your users be guided on the navigation you choose to deal with.

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